Arkoudilas is a sandy beach on the south coast of Corfu. It is the southernmost point of the island which you can reach by car, via a dirt road. The nearest village of Arkoudila is Kavos (3 km.).

The beach is located in a small cove surrounded by high cliffs and is over 1 km long. Arkoudilas is a remote and wild place – there are no taverns, studios or villas and the area around it is uninhabited. During the summer a small beach cafe operates on the beach and offers sunbeds, umbrellas and cold drinks. The sand is soft and yellow, but the water is shallow only a few meters from the shore, then quickly deepens. Be aware of the strong undercurrents that can sometimes occur at this beach.

Next to Arkoudila, the island ends with a rocky cape called Asprokavos. Above the cape you can visit the ruins of the old monastery of Panagia, accessible via a dirt road. From the cape there is a beautiful view of the sea and the islands of Paxos in the distance.

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